Technical Specifications

Type : Floorstaning, 2 way, bass reflex loudspeaker
Drivers : Woofer : 2x180mm, Tweeter : 1x25mm
Power Handling : 180 WRMS
Frequency response : 36Hz – 25kHz
Sensitivity (2,83V/m :) 92 dB
Nominal Impedance :
Dimensions (HxWxD) {mm} : 1080x210x340
Weight (Kg) : 20

The new STATUS 8.3 loudspeaker represents the culmination of Rois Acoustics sound technology. Firmly based on the long tradition and expertise of the people of Rois Acoustics in loudspeakers, raises the performance benchmark to a new level for their category and fully justifies their widespread acclaim as “budget hi-end”!

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The most prominent characteristic of the new STATUS 8.3 speakers is their cabinets. They are the only ones in their category, which are made with specially selected and treated solid wood (20mm thick for walls and 30mm thick for the heavy, sculptured baffle). With a trapezoid prism shape and multiple lateral braces, these cabinets offer unique strength and mechanical rigidity. Thus they help minimize the mechanical resonances, which destroy the clarity and tonal balance of sound and blur the focus of stereo image.

The woofers of STSTUS 8.3 are made in Denmark by Vifa. Their specially formulated stiff paper cone has excellent dynamic characteristics and offers probably the most natural sound reproduction among all modern exotic materials we have tested! With cast magnesium alloy chassis and hefty magnetic system, these woofers operate with very low distortion, minimal compression and extremely fast response. The sound reproduction is crystal clear with explosive speed and dynamics and a level of naturalness and transparency.

The tweeter features a metal alloy dome and an extra strong neodymium magnet. It is housed in a special, bullet shaped chamber, made of solid wood and mounted on top of the speaker cabinet. This kind of external mounting keeps the tweeter mechanically isolated from the cabinet vibrations and also minimizes baffle diffractions. Thus, the tweeter approaches the ideal of a point source and offers a holographic stereo image with excellent focus and an unbelievable clarity in the reproduction of even the most delicate detail of the music program.

These top-quality drivers are harmoniously blended into a single musical entity with a first-order crossover, meticulously voiced and made with audiophile-grade components. Rois Acoustics designers have long been advocates of the unique sonic benefits of first-order crossovers and pioneered their use in loudspeakers of this price category since 2000! Thanks to this minimalist crossover, STATUS 8.3 loudspeakers are engineered to have the best possible phase coherence and time integrity. This gives their sound remarkable naturalness, musicality and flow. Music is recreated with all the wealth of harmonics and nuances, offering a unique experience of "living" the real musical event.

Stereo or home cinema, classical music or heavy metal, the new STATUS 8.3 loudspeakers offer sound with unparalleled clarity, neutral tonal balance and exquisite musicality. They offer you the ticket to an utterly enjoyable musical experience!