Hi-end Minoas speaker

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Type : Floor standing, open baffle, 2-way dipole loudspeaker
Drivers : Woofer : 2x385mm, Wideband: 1x200mm
Power : 150 WRMS
Frequency Responce : 28Hz-22kHz
Sensitivity (2,83V/m) : 91 dB
Nominal Impedance :
Dimensions (HxWxD, mm) : 1150X500x340 (at base)
Weight (Kg) : 38

Minoas: Minoas: A Kalypso on steroids !!!

Minoas is a new, flagship loudspeaker, based on the 20-year long experience and know how of the people of Rois Acoustics in the design of open baffle loudspeakers. It was back in 1994, when the legendary Dipole 6 by Roister (as was the company name then) has caused quite a stir as one of the first open baffle, dipole loudspeakers in the world, based on electrodynamic drivers! Its unique sonic characteristics combined the free, three-dimensional sound of dipole loudspeakers with the low-frequency dynamics and ease of drive of the electrodynamic drivers. With Minoas , Rois Acoustics advances the evolution of the open-baffle, dipole loudspeaker even further, incorporating characteristics of one-way loudspeakers and 1st-order minimal crossover networks, which Rois Acoustics has been using exclusively in all its model for many years now.


180220179Μinoas is based on the same exceptional full-range driver by Tang Band, which is also used in Kalypso. This 8” unit is regarded as one of the best full-range drivers regardless of cost. Its main virtues are the excellent reproduction of the critical middle frequencies, its lightning fast transients and its crystalline treble, which challenges that of many hi-end tweeters.







1802201710Its advanced magnetic system utilizes multiple neodymium magnet discs and a special shorting ring in order to minimize distortion. The underhung voice coil is always kept inside the magnetic field, ensuring the absolute control of the cone movement even at its excursion limit! The cone, made by a special pulp mixture, offers very low mass and exceptional stiffness/weight ratio, thus allowing the accurate rendition of even the finest detail of the music program.

Undoubtedly, the operation of this driver on the open baffle of Minoas, would not allow it to withstand the large excursions, required for sufficient bass response. So, Rois Acoustics engineers have relieved the 8-inch unit from this heavy burden through a completely “transparent”, 1st order crossover network (just one capacitor). Without the mechanical and thermal stress of the low frequencies, the 8” widebander really shines, handling the spectrum above 200Hz with maximum ease and accuracy and rewarding the listener with a riveting, three-dimensional sound with excellent realism, which fills the space and “draws” the listener into the music.

1802201710The bass reproduction of Minoas is handled by two 15-inch woofers. These units are custom made to Rois Acoustics specifications, so that they can meet the special requirements of open-baffle, dipole operation. Their primary design objective is speed and maximum control, so that they can match the motion of the super fast 8” widebander.






1802201710Stiff Kevlar cone, rubber surround for thundering dynamics and large excursion capability, powerful magnetic system with shorting ring for minimal distortions and non-resonant, cast basket have resulted in woofer drivers that can reproduce bass with unparalleled scale and dynamics. They create a solid foundation, on which the charismatic full-range driver can unfold all its unique sonic mastery, rendering voices and musical instruments with a breathtaking naturalness, body and tonal accuracy.

Minoas fills your space with a tight and fast bass. A bass with majestic freedom and with precise rendition of timbre, tonality and scale. A bass that at first will sound strange to those who are used to the bloated and coloured bass of box loudspeakers, especially bass-reflex. But a bass with such a naturalness and realism that once one comes to appreciate it, there will be no turning back to box loudspeakers!!










180220179Minoas cabinet is made of extremely hard and stiff sheets of top quality Russian birch plywood, 21mm thick. The baffle of the two woofers is made of two such sheete, glued together with a special viscoelastic glue in order to further increase mass and stiffness and minimise parasitic vibrations and resonances.Morover, the smaller baffle of the 8” full-range driver is sitting on top of the woofer baffle with special sorbothane feet, so that it is completely isolated from the vibrations of the woofers. Thus, the full-range driver operates in total stillness, rewarding the listener with a sound with excellent transparency, exquisite resolution and a huge, holographic and firmly focused stereo image, where the speakers disappear and the listener in immersed in an intoxicating musical experience!


Aiming to sacrifice nothing from the unique sonic character of a one-way loudspeaker, the engineers of Rois Acoustics have designed the crossover of Minoas following the design principle that the company applies to all its models for many years now: minimal signal path and minimal phase “signature”. Thus, the crossover of Minoas is absolutely minimal with 1st-order slopes and only ONE active component for each way (a single coil for the woofers and a single capacitor for the full-range driver).

180220179The crossover is hard-wired, using absolutely top-quality, audiophile grade components (precision hand-wound air coils, plastic capacitors and non-inductive, metal oxide resistors. Especially the critical, series components are sourced from Μundorf, Germany (low-resistance air coil with extra pure copper wire for the woofers and aluminum foil/oil capacitor for the full-range driver)

Moreover, the crossover frequency has been set as low as possible (200 Ηz), so that the full-range unit handles the entire critical midrange band, while still remaining relieved from the detrimental low-frequency excursions, which cause stress and distortion. In would be much easier (and cheaper) for the design and construction of the crossover network, if we had chosen a higher crossover frequency, closer to 500 Hz, as found in other commercial loudspeakers with similar design. We opted for the hard way because we firmly believe that the fundamentals of voices and musical instruments that ly in this extremely critical 200-500Hz frequency range are much better handled by the super fast and “point source” full-range driver than by the two large and heavy 15” woofers, which are obviously not designed for this task.

Minoas actually works like a one-way loudspeaker with a built-in subwoofer, combining the unique transparency, coherency and musicality of a top-notch, full-range driver with the bass scale and power, that only an excellent 15” woofer can offer. A Kalypso on steroids!!

The new Minoas is a true hi-end loudspeaker with a complete, free and natural sound, combining technological innovations with uncompromising quality of materials and components. A loudspeaker, that takes the listener's heart and mind away from individual elements such as bass, midrange or treble and simply opens the door to an unparalleled musical experience!!


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